Welcome to the world of Hammersmyth, where life is cheap, but not as cheap as the sausages.

There are two novels so far in the Hammersmyth Tales, as well as several short stories.

In Dexter & Sinister: Detecting Agents we get to meet John Sinister, the soon-to-be disheveled detective, and Dexter, his soon-to-be talking mechanical sidekick. John and Dexter form an uneasy alliance as they hunt down a murderer, and whilst it isn’t all plain sailing, they do manage to work together… kind of, maybe, in a way. Put it this way, they don’t kill each other (although they are tempted).

In The Dragonfly Delivery Company John and Dexter must climb aboard the airship Dragonfly to hunt down a bunch of sky pirates. This time it’s other people trying to kill them rather than each other, possibly even the same people who hired them in the first place. With a situation like that it’s hard to see how anything can go wrong!

Both novels are available from Amazon, as well as other retailers, and all Hammersmyth Tales short stories can be found here on this very website.