Keith Dickinson was born in Carlisle in 1974. A lifelong lover of hats and the Lake District, when he’s not up a mountain he likes to write stories about airships, murderers, thieves, and talking cats. A writer since he was eight-years-old, his first two novels, Dexter & Sinister: Detecting Agents, and its sequel, The Dragonfly Delivery Company, are out now.

Keith has been around the world, set foot on six of the seven continents, ridden a camel, trained as a yoga teacher, lived in an ashram, got a tattoo he doesn’t regret, and invented a board game that he still hopes one day to inflict upon the world.

Keith was short-listed for the Lindisfarne Prize – an award for new crime writers in the north – in 2019, for his short story “Miss Bloom’s Final Summation.”

You can contact Keith with any queries about his work here.